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Cleanliness Is Close To Godliness - Soapology


Cleanliness Is Close To Godliness - Soapology

Sabi Datoo-Lalji

One thing I have learnt as a woman is that you don’t need to be pregnant to have cravings. Do let me explain before you close this window; the kinds of cravings I am talking about is the kind that creeps up on you on a Sunday afternoon, where you want to either buy something or browse somewhere just for the sheer feeling of treating your self. It needn’t be expensive or ostentatious but, something pretty, luxurious or ornate would work, right? The thing that may hold you back, is either the location, the busy streets or just not wanting to deal with the crowds in the particular store; after all, how is shopping meant to be fun if it's not relaxing or zen-like?

Well thanks to a wrong turn onto 8th Avenue a few weeks back, I stumbled upon a little pretty haven called Soapology, and all-organic, all-natural skincare brand. It only took a few minutes in the store to completely forget I was on a busy road in the middle of New York, navigating through crowds and snow. As I looked around at the vintage-inspired products, whilst inhaling the sweet smell of, well, sweetness, I felt as though I had strolled into an old perfumery in the back alleys of paradise. The store felt calm, welcoming and above all zen…

So, a little about Soapology; made in Williamsburg, Soapology prides itself on offering natural skincare and home scents. On top of their range of lotions and potions, the brand also offers a ‘create your own scent’ service, which applies to most of their products. I eagerly opted in for the complementary hand scrub and buff seeing as -17C outside was causing my hands to scale. Leaning over a gorgeous Victorian bathtub, I was treated to a mud mask, a Walnut Scrub and finally a hand lotion of my choice. Not only did I fall in love with the Waterlily and Jasmine Buttercream, I also loved felling encapsulated by the calming energy. This store is not a spa, but it boasts all the attributes of one.

They have been in the West Village area for 9 years and for my sake I hope they stay there for another 50! The price point is almost perfect, starting at $5 and going up to a humble $68, it’s a great place to grab a gift for anyone; even your living room. From lotions, soap-bars and body scrubs, to home diffusers and facial oils, it feels good to buy something that has no nasties in it.

I recommend going in for a complementary hand treatment, and enjoying the fabulous customer service. Above all, don’t forget to pick up a piece zen for you to take home. 


67 8th Avenue, #2

New York, NY 10014