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If You Don't Know, Now You Know - 3NY


Home to a Fashion and Lifestyle blog dedicated to helping you find Zen in New York City

If You Don't Know, Now You Know - 3NY

Sabi Datoo-Lalji


Getting 'free world-wide delivery' may be the future of online shopping, however, there are still some under-the-radar brands that are worth leaving the house for. 3NY, located on a quiet street in SoHo is a unique boutique, filled with a majority of American labels, and a handful of Parisian fashion. The buy for 3NY is separated into three categories; Luxury, with names like, Dolan, Issue and Finders Keepers. Contemporary, featuring, Love & Liberty, My Tribe and JOA, and thirdly, Emerging Talent, which houses, Wildfox, The Cue and Snowman. Upon finding this gem of a store, I felt like I was in Paris, the home of the unique, and most beautifully curated shops. The aesthetics are clean and minimalistic, leaving the clothes to do the talking. It's boutiques like this which give you the traditional experience of shopping; a calm environment, a collection of the best brands, a zen-like atmosphere, good customer service, tailored to meet your needs, and the opportunity to relax while you browse.

The story behind the acronym brand is to represent the 3 types of women in New York and their individual styles. First you have The Classicist, who loves a bit of tradition. After which comes, The Maverick; she makes her own rules and creates her own trends. Lastly, you encounter, The Eclectic who stays true to herself and pushes all boundaries. Boasting a lovely range of RTW and accessories, the price point ranges between $50-$1,000. 3NY is a must-see shopping destination in NYC, whether you're escaping a heavy day at work, or strolling there in your lunch break, be prepared to return to your desk in a meditative and zen state; purchase in tow.