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TriBeCa - Tranquility Below Canal


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TriBeCa - Tranquility Below Canal

Sabi Datoo-Lalji

Having recently moved to The Big Apple, one of the key things I wanted to achieve was a sense of direction, and what the NYC 'street lingo' meant. I now see that this last statement sounds like I want to be initiated into a hood-rat gang, however, less so excitingly, I meant the area-acronyms. So I now know that, SoHo and NoHo both mean South and North of Houston Street, and DUMBO is Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, but my ultimate favourite has to be TriBeCa; Triangle Below Canal (street). Upon exploring the area with a friend, she mentioned there was a hidden gem in TriBeca where they are known for their Korean body scrubs. Now if you've ventured down Greenwich Street on a Sunday afternoon, you'll notice a pleasant sense of calmness, and all that can be heard is the Hudson flowing. A little ironic for New York, seeing as it is known as the City that never sleeps; however, now caught in the act, we now know that it takes naps on a Sunday! Ha!

Being curious by nature, we swiftly bought a couple of vouchers and went into the gem that lay beneath Canal Street. When you walk in, you try and figure out where the 'spa' bit is as the entrance is rather small and non-boastful. It's only when a door opens, to the right, that you realise there is a whole Narnia of zen on the other side!

  • First port of call with a body scrub is to let your pores open and breath; ladies and gentlemen I give you the steam room.
  • Once you're pores are dancing, and you've finally warmed up from the wind-tunnel that is outside, you are led into a treatment room. We were kindly put in a couples room which was perfect as there is still an element of privacy thanks to a nifty curtain that was between us both.
  • You are asked to undress down to your disposable pants and gently lay down on the waterproof bed. Warm water is thrown over you by a little Korean therapist; it's quiet refreshing showering whilst lying down.
  • Using textured mittens, the therapist applies soothing lotion onto your body, and starts exfoliating each and every inch of you. At first it feels a little rough, however, not soon after that you find your centre, close your eyes and feel zen. 
  • Once you have been smoothed over, front and back, you can rinse off standing up. After you have laid back down on the, now clean surface, your hair is shampooed and conditioned, followed by an amazing head massage. They gently push down on your pressure points in your neck and head, and truth be told, I nearly fell asleep. 
  • As part of the body scrub package, we were also given a 30 minute back massage. Suffice to say, having a little Korean lady using her hands and knees to align your back is something we should all have done, often.
  • After another bout of warm water washing, your are dried off, moisturised and ready for the last and final step; the sauna.
  • Whilst sipping cool water, infused with lemon, you are able to enjoy a final 10 minutes of quality down-time.
  • Whilst sipping cool water, infused with lemon you are able to enjoy a final 10 minutes of quality down-time.

For someone who honeymooned in Vietnam and had authentic spa treatments on the beach, it's hard to even compare anything like it on home turf; until now. The Korean body scrub and massage package, definitely teleported me back to a Summer eve in Nha Trang where all you feel is tranquility. A true gem in the rough, the Tribca Spa of Tranquility is definitely a place to escape to in the City when you need a shot of zen.

Notes: Towels, robes, slippers, disposable pants and grooming appliances are all provided by the spa.

Tribeca Spa of Tranquility

462 Greenwich Street

New York, NY 10013