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The Moon Lives On The West Coast - The Ritz Carlton


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The Moon Lives On The West Coast - The Ritz Carlton

Sabi Datoo-Lalji

Have you ever been somewhere so awe-inspiring, that within an hour you are making plans to move in? Well I was definitely ready to unpack at The Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay. Located 45 mins outside of San Francisco, we stopped off at this zen-filled hotel for lunch, with a side of sea. 

This magnificent hotel is set on a bluff, overlooking the big blue; its location is secluded, yet accessible. With a golf course, restaurants, luxury spa and a beach, this hotel is the epitome of zen and tranquility. They say, to live by water is a very therapeutic blessing, so before we got back onto Route 1, I escaped away to meditate for a while. Upon opening my eyes, I looked at the Pacific Ocean and felt elated, and as I got up, I bottled away that feeling of calmness and purity into my heart. 

For now, I have that feeling of elation tucked away in me, any time I need to feel, mmmm.... However, I will be going back to re-visit this beauty on the West Coast, as soon as I possibly can.