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Sabi Datoo-Lalji

Approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes north of Manhattan is a quaint little town named Phoenicia. Home to fresh air, farm-to-table cuisine, painting-worth views and a real sense of zen. Now, Fashion Week is about to start so you may be wondering about the timing of this post. Well, I for one am already thinking about some R&R come October. For those of you who are not associated with NYFW, but still need a staycation, you can keep on reading as this little feature is for the masses. 

Introducing The Graham & Co., a charming, modern mini hotel, in the heart of the Catskills. Housing a handful of double and bunk-bed style living spaces, a common games room, outdoor pool, campfire site, friendly staff and their own take on a gift shop, this is one reason to stay in NY.  

 Stony Clove Creek 

Stony Clove Creek 

Staying true to the Catskills heritage, The Graham & Co. has successfully built a zen-like haven in New York, where it only takes one lap of the grounds to forget the city noise, and melt into a bubble of crisp air and elation. A feeling every New Yorker strives for, but rarely finds.

The first action on the agenda was to slowly sip on the homemade lemonade, while slipping into a bikini and grabbing a book. An hour into sunbathing and an on-off pool dip, I looked around and decided I was never leaving. However, that dream was squashed by hunger pangs and off we cycled into the local town of Phoenicia for our evening meal. 

The two days that followed felt like a beautiful blur; we played a little badminton on the hotel's courts, relaxed in the common room and soaked up every bit of sun humanly possibly. 

Before leaving, I took some time to sit alone in the grounds and gather my thoughts. Appreciating the minimalistic decor, the addictive customer service, the greenery and sunshine, I realized that zen really does exist in New York, and if we ever finds ourselves in a tizzy, we just need to jump in a car and head north. Simple.