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Sabi Datoo-Lalji


Having an adoration for all things fashion can not only be straining on your wallet but also on your mind. Allow me to elaborate; in this digital age we reside in, you can order almost anything to your door. It's a great era to exist in as I can literally do a grocery, laundry and toiletry shop without taking off my neon house slippers. However, when it comes to shopping for fashion, I am still a huge fan of walking into a store, browsing through rails, touching fabrics and trying bits on. This is not to say I never shop online; when needs must and all that, but I do love the experience of buying in store. The downside, at times, is that in order to enjoy a relaxing afternoon of retail therapy, you need to find a time and a place to do it in, otherwise it is just a Saturday afternoon at a jam packed Bloomingdale's, where you duck your head out the door to get air, before braving the sale rail for the tenth time. I am what you would call a very 'happy shopper', I try and remain calm and zen and somehow manage to come out alive! However, there are times when I would just love to walk into a beautiful shop, admire the walls and decor (because I can actually see them) and enjoy browsing in a calm and relaxed environment. 

Ladies (and gents if you're here too) I bring you Diane Von Furstenberg in the Meatpacking District. Located on Washington Street, it is by far one of the most beautiful shops in New York City. The visual merchandising makes for a delightful browse, the sales assistants are as helpful and non-overbearing as ever, and above all it is a very tranquil place to shop! I have been in a countless number of times for either a spot of window shopping, buying a gift or for events and never have I felt more calm and zen-like, whilst straining my wallet (in a good way of course) 

  Diane Von Furstenberg's "The Woman I Wanted to be" is in stores now

Diane Von Furstenberg's "The Woman I Wanted to be" is in stores now